1 present
2023-10-08 17:13
Paul Geyselings
Kleine Netevallei - Steenbeemden (AN)
Accepted (with evidence)
GPS 51.1558, 4.6068
Lambert 1972 166651 205110
Accuracy 3m
Source ObsMapp


photo for observation

Op punctelia subrudecta,
dit is Xenonectriella subimperspicua
Perithecial wall, K+ violet (zie laatste foto), hierdoor wordt Pronectria uitgesloten.
Ascosporen 5.4-8.1(-9) x 3.6-4.5ยต


Date 2023-10-08 17:13
Number 1
Activity present
Life stage unknown
Location Kleine Netevallei - Steenbeemden (AN)
Observer Paul Geyselings
Counting method unknown
Method unknown
Substrate unknown
Validated by Min Pauwels
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