Explanation NIA

Nature Identification API, NIA for short, is our automatic image recognition software. Waarneming.nl and its mobile apps such as ObsIdentify, iObs (iOS) and ObsMapp (Android) all use NIA. Every photo you enter on the Observation international portals or the mobile apps helps us make NIA smarter.

Note: The recognition has only been trained on species that occur in Europe and the Dutch Caribbean. Outside of this continent, the result may be unreliable.

Our image recognition is a fantastic tool. However, be aware of the results. In some cases the result shown is incorrect. When in doubt, click on the suggested species name to see more information.

You can compare the photos of the species with your own photo (s). If these do not match then the recognition may be wrong. We encourage you to do further research yourself. Please note that not all species can be identified on the basis of external characteristics.

The recognition works best when you make a good crop of the photo. The species must be clearly visible. The recognition mainly looks at structure and patterns rather than colors. This makes it more difficult to identify animals with a good camouflage color. Blurred photos deteriorate the result.

The recognition automatically sets the observation to uncertain if you accept a suggestion and the result is below 90% certainty. This can be adjusted manually (if necessary) in the input screen after accepting the type of suggestion.

After creating the observation, it is possible that a validator does not agree with the determination. In that case, the opinion of the validator is leading.

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