Taxonomy conform IOC World Bird List


  • Breeding range => Palearctic, Oriental Region, Africa : mainly subarctic to subtropical Palearctic and Oriental region in anthropogenic habitats: Faroe and British Is., n Scandinavia e through subarctic Russia to Kamchatka; in s through Iberian Peninsula, n Africa including Nile Valley, n Eritrea, Arabian Peninsula, India and Sri Lanka, through n, c se Asia; introduced nearly worldwide
  • Nonbreeding range => some short-range dispersal


  • P. d. domesticus - w, n Europe through n Asia to ne Siberia and n Japan, introduced in the Americas, South Africa and Australia
  • P. d. balearoibericus - s Europe (except Italy) to c Turkey
  • P. d. biblicus - Cyprus, n Israel and nw Jordan to w Syria and se Turkey to nw Iran
  • P. d. hyrcanus - se Azerbaijan and n Iran
  • P. d. persicus - c Iran to w, s Afghanistan
  • P. d. indicus - s Israel and s Palestine through Arabia and e to India and c se Asia
  • P. d. bactrianus - w Turkmenistan and ne Iran to w China and nw Pakistan
  • P. d. parkini - nw, c Himalayas
  • P. d. hufufae - ne Arabia
  • P. d. tingitanus - nw Africa
  • P. d. niloticus - Egypt
  • P. d. rufidorsalis - Sudan and Eritrea
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