Taxonomy conform IOC World Bird List


  • Palearctic : widespread


  • A. c. caudatus - n, e Europe to e Siberia, Japan and Korean Peninsula
  • A. c. rosaceus - British Isles
  • A. c. europaeus - ne France, Germany and s Denmark to n Italy (Alps), w Poland and w Romania
  • A. c. aremoricus - w France
  • A. c. taiti - sw, s France to c Spain and Portugal
  • A. c. irbii - s Spain and Portugal, Corsica
  • A. c. italiae - Italy (s of the Alps), sw Slovenia
  • A. c. siculus - Sicily
  • A. c. macedonicus - Albania and mainland Greece to the Balkans, Bulgaria and nw Turkey
  • A. c. tephronotus - e Greece to c Turkey, n Iraq and Syria
  • A. c. tauricus - Crimean Peninsula
  • A. c. major - ne Turkey and the Caucasus
  • A. c. alpinus - se Azerbaijan, n Iran and sw Turkmenistan
  • A. c. passekii - se Turkey and sw Iran
  • A. c. trivirgatus - c Japan
  • A. c. kiusiuensis - s Japan
  • A. c. magnus - c, s Korean Peninsula, Tsushima I. (Japan)
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