Taxonomy conform IOC World Bird List


  • Palearctic : w Europe to Iran and Turkmenistan


  • F. c. gengleri - British Isles
  • F. c. coelebs - Europe (except British Isles, Sardinia) to c Asia, w, n Turkey, c, e Caucasus and nw Iran
  • F. c. solomkoi - Crimean Peninsula and sw Caucasus
  • F. c. sarda - Sardinia
  • F. c. syriaca - Cyprus, se Turkey to n Iraq and Jordan
  • F. c. alexandrovi - n Iran
  • F. c. transcaspia - ne Iran and sw Turkmenistan
Rename Common Chaffinch Fringilla coelebs Eurasian Chaffinch with the 5-way split of the F. coelebs complex. English name tentative.
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