Taxonomy conform IOC World Bird List


  • Palearctic, Africa, Oriental Region : Europe (except n) to c, s, e Asia and Philippines; Africa and Malagasy region


  • T. r. ruficollis - Europe from Great Britain, s Scandinavia and s Spain to Black Sea and nw Africa
  • T. r. albescens - Caucasus to Lake Balkash (ne Kazakhstan), Tien Shan, Indian Subcontinent to Myanmar
  • T. r. iraquensis - Iraq and sw Iran
  • T. r. capensis - sub-Saharan Africa, Madagascar and Comoros
  • T. r. poggei - Kuril Is., Japan including Ryukyu Is., Korean Peninsula, e China, Taiwan and Hainan
  • T. r. philippensis - Philippines (except Mindanao and perhaps Palawan group) and n Borneo
  • T. r. cotabato - Mindanao (s Philippines)
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