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  • Breeding range => Palearctic : subarctic to subtropical w, c Palearctic in woods, gardens, oases: British Is. and n Scandinavia e to nw Kazakhstan, n Xinjiang (nw China) and Krasnoyarsk (sc Russia); in s to Iberian Peninsula, Madeira and Canary Is. (Macaronesia, w of n Africa), Morocco to Tunisia (nw, nc Africa) and ne Egypt, Mediterranean to Turkey, Cyprus, Levant. n Iraq and n Iran through Altai region to se Kazakhstan
  • Nonbreeding range => some withdrawal from north


  • C. c. harrisoni - Britain (except n Scotland) and Ireland
  • C. c. chloris - n Scotland, n, c France and Norway to w Siberia | to s Europe
  • C. c. muehlei - Serbia and Montenegro to Moldova, Bulgaria and Greece
  • C. c. aurantiiventris - s Spain through s Europe to w Greece
  • C. c. madaraszi - Corsica and Sardinia
  • C. c. vanmarli - nw Spain, Portugal and nw Morocco
  • C. c. voousi - c Morocco and n Algeria
  • C. c. chlorotica - sc Turkey to ne Egypt
  • C. c. bilkevitchi - s Ukraine, the Caucasus and ne Turkey to n Iran and sw Turkmenistan
  • C. c. turkestanica - s Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan and c Tajikistan
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