Taxonomy conform IOC World Bird List


  • Worldwide : widespread


  • F. p. tundrius - Alaska to Greenland
  • F. p. pealei - Aleutian Is. to s Alaska and sw Canada
  • F. p. anatum - North America (s of tundra) to n Mexico
  • F. p. cassini - w South America (Colombia to Tierra del Fuego) and Falkland Is.
  • F. p. peregrinus - n Eurasia (s of tundra)
  • F. p. calidus - Lapland to ne Siberia | Mediterranean and Africa to New Guinea
  • F. p. japonensis - ne Siberia to Japan
  • F. p. brookei - Mediterranean region to Caucasus and n Iran
  • F. p. peregrinator - Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka to s, e China
  • F. p. furuitii - Bonin Is. (Japan)
  • F. p. madens - Cape Verde Is. (s Macaronesia, w of w Africa)
  • F. p. minor - Morocco, Mauritania, Africa s of the Sahara
  • F. p. radama - Madagascar and the Comoros
  • F. p. ernesti - Philippines, Greater Sundas, New Guinea and satellites, and Bismarck Archipelago
  • F. p. macropus - Australia
  • F. p. nesiotes - Solomon Is., Vanuatu, New Caledonia including Loyalty Is. and Fiji (sw Polynesia)
  • F. p. babylonicus - e Iran to Mongolia and Pakistan
  • F. p. pelegrinoides - Canary Is., n Africa to Arabia and sw Iran
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