Taxonomy conform IOC World Bird List


  • Worldwide : Eurasia and North America


  • H. r. rustica - Europe, w, c Asia and n Africa | to Africa and s Asia
  • H. r. transitiva - Lebanon, Syria, Israel and Jordan
  • H. r. savignii - Egypt
  • H. r. gutturalis - e Himalayas to Korean Peninsula and Japan, e, s China and Taiwan | to se Asia, Philippines, New Guinea and n coastal Australia
  • H. r. tytleri - sc Siberia | to s, se Asia
  • H. r. saturata - e Siberia | to se Asia and Philippines
  • H. r. mandschurica - ne China | to se Asia?
  • H. r. erythrogaster - Alaska, Canada and the USA to s Mexico | to Argentina
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