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  • Palearctic, Africa, Oriental Region, Australasia : temperate Eurasia, locally nw India, to ne Russia, ne China and nc Japan; ne, e, s Africa; Australia and South I. (New Zealand)


  • P. c. cristatus - Eurasia from nw Europe, s Scandinavia to s Spain through s Russia and n, wc Mongolia, and n Afghanistan, locally in nw India, to ne Russia, n Honshu (nc Japan) and ne China | to coasts of Baltic, Black, and Mediterranean seas, Persian Gulf, n Indian subcontinent to e China and s Japan
  • P. c. infuscatus - montane lakes of Eritrea, Ethiopia and East Africa; also s Africa
  • P. c. australis - sw, se, e Australia, Tasmania and South I. (New Zealand) | Australia (except n, sc) and South I. (New Zealand)
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